Laura (elle_marie) wrote in nosefetish,

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Hey Everyone

My name is Laura and, like you all I have a thing about noses. I think it stems out of envy, because i absolutely hate my nose and so I look for girls with small petite noses and guys that I date must have a small nose. Anyways, I'm glad someone made this community!! :) Oh, and you guys should check out
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is that a picture of you? I like your nose.
Yeah, it is me............. thanks :)

Deleted comment

My name is also Laura and I love to have my nose played with, and sucked on. I had a long time bf who had a nose fetish and got me totally into it. He loved to feel my nose and eventually he told me he was dieing to suck on it. Ooooo did I like it! I love having my whole nose sucked! I have talked with a few other girls who love this too.

Anyone feel free to write me at
Hi laura

would like to know more about you,went through your comments and wanted to contact you after reading them.

take care
hey my email addy is :)